Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc.

Technologies for the Future ....



The Center proposes an innovative technical management approach for research, development, and implementation of these new and exciting technologies, with a high level of practical experience, contacts and confidentiality. The purpose of this effort is to expedite the development of nano and micro science technology, along with other emerging technologies, for commercial systems covering both terrestrial and space applications. The Center offers industry and government a reliable, high quality alternative to in-house research and development, along with a new paradigm in the approach to the research and development of these emerging technologies.


This innovative approach considers and addresses fundamental issues such as bridging the gap between quantum physical science and applications engineering, coordinating the thinly dispersed talent pool, synergizing verities of fundamental research, the requisite institutional players, and management of the effort.


The Center's innovative working environment, will allow for an exciting and excellent place to work, which is professional, challenging, rewarding, creative and respectful of individuals and ideas. It will also be the new paradigm for others to follow. These emerging sciences are so new and different that The Center' s archetype for their exploitation is, not only necessary, but also required.

Charter and Purpose

The Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc. (The Center) is a Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit research foundation chartered to conceive, establish and conduct cutting-edge technology, research, and development. These technologies are then infused into the Aerospace, Education, Energy, Life Sciences, and Shipping/Transportation industries.


The purpose of The Center is to expedite the development of nano and micro science technology applications for government, space, and industrial systems. Government and industry offers an ideal place to exploit new and emerging fields because of its demand for small size, low weight and power usage systems. In addition, The Center addresses the new paradigm for the communications, control, status, coordination, reporting, and accounting of the research and development of fundamentally new science and engineering areas.


The objectives of The Center are to research, develop, implement, and manage a Texas-based, internationally focused, emerging science and technology effort that will improve the probability of success, and introduce a new application driven research and development (R&D) management methodology. This new dynamic and adaptive approach must ensure flexibility, adaptability, and productivity using concurrent engineering techniques and accountability. It must assure a multidisciplinary approach demanded by the current state-of-the-art and practice, and yet it must keep the principal team leaders small and manageable. Its approach must be focused, reasonable, affordable, and ultimately useful to the customer. Additionally, the management approach processes must be adaptive to ensure its utility.


The purposes of the center are exclusively scientific: to provide research, development, and advisory services for other agencies, international organizations, and governments in the national interest. We also provide technical support to programs managed by other agencies, international organizations, and governments when in the national interest.

The Center's principle objectives and program activities include:

  • Promote education, research, and development and facilitate its implementation
  • Encourage and sponsor program R&D to advance the discipline of micro - nanoscience
  • Manage program research projects and processes
  • Collaborate with colleges, universities, industries, and governments to foster regional and local community development for a micro - nanoscience economic infrastructure
  • Encourage an interchange of micro - nanoscience ideas among engineers, scientists, managers, and policy makers
  • Disseminate information through publishing and other means
  • Organize and foster conferences and forums for presentations and demonstrations to advance micro - nanoscience knowledge
  • Cooperate with other professional organizations and societies for interdisciplinary R&D
  • Provide long-range planning activities to insure that The Center achieves its objectives

From its inception, The Center has focused on the need to develop the best nanospace-related hardware at the lowest prudent cost. Participation in each program phase -- from requirements to operations -- ensures mission success at a reasonable cost.

Sources of Funding

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research foundation, The Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc. accepts donations, contributions, gifts, bequests, grants, awards, contracts for research services, devices, apparatus, inventions and other forms of funding from any public or private source to further the purpose of The Center.